Why a Call Girl should be in Perfect Condition Always?

Monday August 10, 2020 | By admin

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Before becoming a full-time escort in Kolkata, I used to work in a brothel. I was earning generously and had made some friends with who I am still in contact. There was no reason to leave it behind.  But, someplace deep in my heart, I was missing something. I was not happy with my life.

When I started working as an escort, I was also having a day job. I was working as an escort for in the night shift, that started from 4 PM and ended at midnight. I used to work in a grave shift as well that commenced at midnight and ended at 8 AM.

It looks pretty neat right!!

You would definitely find it to be alluring because of the time I was actually dedicating to the work is minimal yet the turnout was huge!

I was at my best when I worked as a Kolkata call girl, but I was facing issues with my day job at the office. The shift started at 9 AM, which means I was in a devastating condition if I had to attend to a grave shift and then go to the office as well. I had a number of bills to be cleared and so couldn’t give up the escorting work. The solution to this was to give up my day job that was taking up a lot of my time, was extremely low paid and to top it, I had to listen to my boss’s orders. I wanted to be my own boss and so started to work as a full-time independent escort in Kolkata. Anyways the day job was not doing me any great thing so I quit it.

If you ask me how much time I was actually dedicating to the escort service, I would say most of the time I would be at home and relaxing. Generally, I worked 2 to 4 shifts in a week, as this was just enough to pay my bills and support my lifestyle. I could have worked for more shifts but, I preferred not to as I wanted to be attached to my roots and not have a lavish lifestyle. I was too happy to have time for myself than to spend it on others.

Within some time I became one of the high-class call girls in Kolkata and was managing my own clients. I chose whom to serve and at what time. I was not being bothered outside my permission. Yet, I was serving some of the potential clients who were politicians or celebrities. Throughout the day I would be in my PJs and do whatever I wanted but with the approaching of the dusk, I would transform completely in a hot Kolkata call girl and headed straight to my client.

The best part of being a Kolkata escort is that you make friends, not with clients (it is strictly unethical for a call girl to befriend a client) but with other escorts in Kolkata. Live has never been this pleasant.