What it is to have a Double Life as a Call Girl in Kolkata

Monday April 20, 2020 | By admin

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Many of my clients have been asking me questions about my life as a call girl in Kolkata. The questions are mostly about the way I live and what people have to say about my profession as a full-time escort in Kolkata.

I will be saying about my journey. Initially, I had to face a lot of difficulties as most of the time I had to hide Chadni, my escort alter ego. My real name is not Chadni for sure but it has definitely helped me prosper in my job as an independent call girl in Kolkata.

At first, when I arrived at Kolkata to pursue my college degree, I stayed at a hostel and shared the room with another friend. This left me little privacy and surely my roommate was not ready to accept my alter ego Chandni.

To keep my personal and professional life at a distance, I even maintained two phones. One was for everybody out there like my family, friends and official work and another was for my workstation. I would bring out the second one only to check any messages and appointments from clients and the escort agency in Kolkata that I work for. My family are not aware of my secret profession as well; of course, I cannot tell them that I work as Dharmatala escort at all.

Very few of my friends actually know about my profession. They help me in different situations as well as taking their name and attending a booking. They have never let me down and have been always supportive.

After a year, I could finally move out of the hostel and arranged for my own place where I didn’t have to hide my identity. I was also serving incall bookings in Kolkata. The best part of serving incall bookings is that you don’t have to deck up and travel. All you have to do is wait for your client to arrive.

Some of you might be thinking it is hard to keep a secret life and live two lives together. Well, I love my life and the secret I hide within myself actually is quite fascinating. It gives me confidence and the zest to face every single day. I might be in the public with someone and come across one of my clients and the smile he passes projects his level of satisfaction.

And last is the erogenous feeling. At each tryst, I learn something new and get to try something explicit. Who can refrain from experiencing something new and a new person every night! My life is never boring I am accompanied by a new story and a new face every night. Each of the client who books me wants me in different looks and feels. Some want me to be naïve while some want to see my training and more matured side of me. It is always a test to understand what my client is looking for and deliver the same. The end of this is the payoff I get after every tryst.