Tips to Abide by the Escort Etiquettes – Basic Rules of the Game

Monday July 13, 2020 | By admin

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Rather than having a bitter experience, it is best to come to a conclusion that majority of Indian men have taken great interest in high-class escort service, but fail to abide by the basic etiquettes. Therefore, this write-up aims to clear your conscience so make sure you read it till the last!

Booking a Kolkata escort guarantees an enjoyable and satisfying in every way. However, by not following certain etiquettes, you are risking a horrific experience with a call girl for the first time. So, to enjoy long-lasting pleasure and mutual climax & satisfaction – here are some of the essential tips that you should follow.

Contacting a Call Girl
Whether it is an independent escort or from a reputed Kolkata escort agency, maintain professionalism from start to finish. If you looking to schedule an appointment or modify it – be punctual and apt about it. Don’t beat around the bush and expect it to get top of the line treatment!

Be polite if the agency is not being able to cater to your requirement at that point of time. Remember; when you approach a reliable agency like Call Girls Kolkata, we always strive to give our very best to fulfil your requirement. But, at times, challenging times do test our mettle, so bear with us and save all the offensive statements & mouthful elsewhere.

Striking a Conversation
Best call girls in Kolkata offer live camming these as a part of “tease” and erotic treatment. They might also extend the gratitude to personal chats on whatsapp to gratify your innermost desires. But that doesn’t give you the “authority” to call her up and order her to strip for you in the wee hours of the hours. Just like you doze off, they do too!

Also keep in mind, these escorts are beauty with brains. Don’t take them as your regular hookers with whom you can just ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’. She is a substitute for your wife or girlfriend and is offering you with a very special service – giving you pleasures of flesh. Therefore, when you converse with a Park Street escort, stay decent and they will return the favour!

Manners Gentlemen!
It is said that manners make a man but apparently, only few seem to abide by them. The first step to do that is establish a date & stick to it. Dress decently and appropriately. If it’s a hotel, then dress like that. If it’s your home, don’t just go “full monty” after the door is shut. You must also treat the independent escorts with respect and she’s providing with you with a noble service.

Moreover, you mustn’t emit a negative vibe. Don’t be drunk when you are expecting an escort at your place. Also, take a good warm shower and stay in tip-top condition before greeting her. If possible, shave your private hairs; at least trim it. She shouldn’t gross out – remember that! Follow these tips and you will have a memorable experience.