Six Annoying Stereotypes about Escorts in Kolkata

Friday July 17, 2020 | By admin
Escorts in Kolkata

When you think of hiring beautiful escorts in Kolkata, agencies like us are your best bet. But, weird enough we often find complaints from our girls that they are often not treated in a gentleman way. Although, some special arrangements demand of kinky stuffs, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to abuse any call girl or demean her. This has prompted us to go deep into this matter which has resulted in uncovering of six common stereotypes regarding escort service.

Is this Your Full Time Job?

It might be too hard for you to digest but, a great many call girls in Kolkata work as full-time escorts. And, why wouldn’t they? It pays them off well and they can comfortably support their expenses and family. Funny thing – most of them much higher than you can possibly do.

So, shut up and be respectful. They aren’t your cheap hookers. These are professional ladies and deserve respect at all times.

You are Smarter than I Thought?

Beauty with brains is not a myth. As a matter of fact, some of the best Kolkata escorts are highly educated. Many college girls choose this profession to support their high cost of education.

So, instead of being a jerk, you can actually be tipping them well. They will surely return the favour. See? It’s a win-win!

Are they Junkies?
No! But, chances are that you are one of them. Most call girls complain of getting rammed by drunk men. Dude, she isn’t your slave. Although some domination works – most of the times it turns into “forced” encounters. So, do yourself a favour; stay sober and let her take the charge of satisfying you. For booking your first Behala escort, dial +91 90735 22009 and unlock a world full of possibilities.

Are they Nymphomaniac?
Hell NO!!

They just have more libido that you thought they would. Furthermore, escorts from reputed agencies like Call Girl Kolkata go through routine screening to make sure they haven’t contracted any STDs. So, whichever girl you choose from our gallery section are CLEAN and high on sex appeal.

Worry not – your money is used well. Trust us.

Can Money Buy Pleasures of Flesh?
Yes & No – at the same time!

On one hand, paying handsomely for these Kolkata call girls guarantee you a memorable time – but that isn’t out of the boundary of consent. Keep in mind; you are paying for the services rendered. You don’t own these girls! They’re paying you a social service.

Let’s keep it that way.

Are they Gold Diggers?
Certainly not!

As mentioned earlier, escorts are not prostitutes. They maintain a class and status of their own. Especially, when you hire a call girl from a leading escort agency in Kolkata – you are not only purchasing a service but also, experience. Client satisfaction and discretion are their top priorities.

One you book of them; rest assured you are in the safest hands among other things!