My Boyfriend Doesn’t Know about the Secret Service I Provide

Saturday April 4, 2020 | By admin

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I have been into a secret service that none of my family members knows about. Even my boyfriend has no idea that I work as a call girl in Kolkata during my free time. This blog is about me and our job that will clear any cloud you had till now.

It was not something that I had thought to become during my early age. The opportunity of becoming an escort in Kolkata came to me all by chance. It was through one of my friend (who had just started to work as Kolkata escort) that I came to know about the job and the related benefits. I was fascinated with the perks of becoming a call girl. Hence, without thinking much about typical thinking about the society, I joined as Kolkata call girl and started to amuse and satisfy the physical thirst of hungry souls.

Who am I?
I am just like any other girl. Presently studying in the third semester of computer engineering course from a reputed institution. During the days, you will not recognise me. I am just like other college-goers enjoying my life to the fullest. In the day, you would find me wearing jeans and top with specs developing codes. But by the night, I become someone’s companion wearing an elegant dress and ready to caress someone who is in dire need of some comfort and quality coitus.

For how Long have I been Working as an Escort?
It has been close to a year since I am working as top class Kolkata call girls. In the beginning, I was afraid to go under the bed sheet of any random guy. Now, I feel quite comfortable to caress any person who has bought my time.

How did I Begin Working and What Drove Me into it?
Right from the puberty, I was fascinated with the feeling of getting intimate. I had always wondered about having some intimate moments with different men. And finally, I could have it when I contacted an excellent and reputed call girls agency in Kolkata. I stayed curious throughout the tryst every time. It was more about satiating my mental curiosity rather than my physical requirements. Gradually, I also started to enjoy the entire act of getting physical satisfaction.

Do I Talk about Me being an Escort to Others?
I don’t generally talk about my profession publicly. This is not because I am ashamed of the work I do but people generally don’t understand the field I work in and would lead to stigmatising me. This is what I don’t want to hear. Some of my friends are aware of my profession. However, my boyfriend doesn’t have the slightest idea that I work as Kolkata call girl during the night.