How My Face Became so Popular in My Workplace?

Wednesday July 15, 2020 | By admin

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Some of my clients asked me regarding my career as an escort. At the same time, they also want to know how I started my career as a call girl and become so popular in this world. Not only that but also they want to know about my lifestyle and also my professional life goes daily. If you are also eager to know that same then you have to read this blog thoroughly as I am going to share my every moment how I become a successful call girl in Kolkata. So, let’s get started. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Priya and I lived in a small village in Jhargram. But the year 2013 changed my life. At that time I came to Kolkata for completing my graduate degree. I lived here in a hostel with my three roommates. In one evening, one of my friends told me about this profession as she was working for the same. At that time, I didn’t have any idea regarding is occupation and I refused to do this. But after completing my graduate degree I was looking for a job to earn some money. And I joined as an escort. I was very nervous as I didn’t have any experience in this field.

I never told this to my family not even to my boyfriend. Only two of my friends know about my occupation. The first day I still remember when my first client entered my room. But it was an excellent moment when he hugged me like my boyfriend. After, 45 minutes of conversation, he told me about his likes and dislikes and I started to massage his back and entire body with my soft hands and using some essential oil. It was a wonderful moment for me also. When we, came closer to each other and he started to kiss me like mad I was overwhelmed and thought I chose my profession correct.

Till date, I cannot tell my family members that I am still working as a Park Street escort. At the first time, I came to this profession just for earning some money. But in recent days, I fell in love with my job and love to play with the new guys regularly. I had to do a lot of struggle to become a popular face in the escort world. But, I also want to mention that the agency helped me a lot to become successful. The experienced ladies here taught me tips and tricks to perform with new guys. At this time, I never feel that my life is going in a boring way. I enjoyed every moment of life. Thanks to God, that I never face any client who underestimates my profession as I am working as a Kolkata escort. All of my clients are satisfied with the services I provide then.