How did I Become Popular in this Escorting Profession?

Friday August 21, 2020 | By admin

Kolkata escorts

While I started to work as an independent escort, I did not know any sex workers even I did‘t have any idea about this profession. My name is Priti Singh and I am from Ranchi. After completing my bachelor’s degree I came here to complete my masters. One of my university friends who told me about this job worked as an escort in a reputed agency. At that time it seemed glamorous and also exciting. As my family was not financially stable they were unable to send my expenditure. I have to earn from anywhere to continue my study. When I heard about the Kolkata escort I thought it will be the best job for me from where I can earn a lot of money as well. I searched on Google regarding escort agencies in Kolkata and contacted the best one by sending my CV to them. I got selected and started working as an independent escort in Kolkata.

I did very little research into sex work before I met my first client. To me, there wasn’t a mental block or any moral issues. I never thought it was a bad way and for me, it was fun and most importantly I wanted to earn a lot of money for continuing my study.

I still remember the first ever experience when I met my first client. As I didn’t have any sexual experience I was quite nervous. When my client entered the room and locked me in, I was trembling badly. But thanks to God, he was not a bad person. After that, I took a break for two weeks to groom myself. I started reading articles that talked about call girls of Kolkata. I spent more time Googling and reading as well as researching. I started to know the tips and tricks to satisfy my clients. As I did this I got more confidence in this profession. I gathered a lot of good as well as bad experience in my five years of working life.

I think my job is all about fun and satisfaction. I really feel proud that I am the reason for many people’s happiness. I have met many clients who came to me not only for physical satisfaction but at the same time for mental satisfaction. So, from my experience, I can tell you that if you are looking for a part-time job then you can enrol yourself as a Kolkata call girl and there is a huge chance to earn money.