How can You Balance Your Escort Life and Student Life?

Thursday August 6, 2020 | By admin

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I have been working as an escort for many years now and within these years; I have successfully balanced my life as an escort in Kolkata and as a university student. My life doesn’t end here as I am associated with other jobs and volunteer roles as well.

I am presently pursuing a full time course at a postgraduate level so you might think why being an escort? The one and the only reason I opted to become one of the high profile call girls in Kolkata is for the money you receive. It is obscene and I would not be receiving this amount of remuneration if I had been a waiter. You can feel overwhelming at first but gradually you will grow a habit of getting paid humongous.

I am working for one of the reputed escort agencies in Kolkata and according to their terms, I can control everything, which is I can fix the timing of call girl services in Kolkata. Apart from working with the company, I work as an independent Kolkata call girl as well. When I work independently, I am in control of all the enquiries, when I am available to work, whom I will be serving and what will be the rate.

It takes a lot of courage to work independently as if you are not in control of your appointments, you can have a disaster that will perish you. For instance, if you entertain phone calls at midnight, within no time you will be awakened by a call at 2 AM and an appointment with a top rated client at the dawn, which you cannot turn down. If this is the situation, forget about attending classes. Apart from the phone calls, you should also be ready to reply to emails and that too as soon as possible. This is not the end if you are unclear which one to attend and which to neglect you may end up in nothing at all.

Given are some points that will help you prioritize your work as one of the efficient call girls in Kolkata.

Setting Boundaries
You should know where to let do and where to STOP. You should be comfortable to say NO to clients as it is not always about the money; YOUR LIFE IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT. Have a plan about the money you are earning, and what you actually need.

Use Your Time Efficiently
In the free time, make sure you are attending an appointment and not lazing around. Or else study for good grades.

Never Miss Classes
This should be your ultimate motto in life as escorting is a secondary thing. You will be left behind if you are always attending appointments. To be a successful Dharmatala escort, you need to be educated as well.