A Day in the Life of an Escort

Tuesday April 7, 2020 | By admin

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Hello everyone, today I am going to share with you my life as an escort in Kolkata. Don’t want to divulge my real name as it is against our ethics but you will be knowing my daily routine and what else I do to keep up with my schedule.

This is a weekday so I have to go to college and attend classes. I am pursuing arts from a recognised university and I am in the last year of my degree course. My classes start at 10 in the morning after which, depending on the subjects the classes take place. I travel by metro to reach my college without letting anyone know that I am a call girl in Kolkata in disguise. My college phase goes as evident, attending lectures and visiting the library during my free times. I love reading books our university library is completely packed with books of varying degrees.

My college gets over by 4 o’clock and I rush to my home. When I had first started to work as one of the top class call girls in Kolkata, I had selected a slot from six to twelve at night. Actually, the call girls agency in Kolkata I work for had helped me out in selecting the slot considering that I am still a student.

The first erotic encounter starts at six. Depending on the booking, I might be meeting a couple of clients in one night. Today I am booked for a candlelight dinner date at seven so the cab will be picking me up at around six-thirty. I don’t like working during weekends as I like giving time to myself on weekends. Contrary working on weekdays keeps me productive throughout the week. Generally, I serve as Sealdah escort as I am well acquainted with the place but at times, I may even work as Bidhan Nagar escorts as clients find this place reasonable.

Today, I am wearing a maxi dress and tied my hair into a bun, as it was a special request from the client. The clients can state their likes if they want. We are not allowed to wear anything skimpy and look like a low grade woman. We have to be elegant.

The driver arrived right on time and off we go. The driver knows the location of the client so this is going to be an out call escort service in a posh Kolkata locality. After dinner, we cuddled and went on with the flow of getting naked. First, we kissed and then started getting into some serious business.

It was a five hour contract and at the end, the client handed me an envelope containing cash. My driver has also arrived who is going to take me to my apartment. This is what my weekdays look like.