What it Takes to be an Escort

Sunday March 29, 2020 | By admin

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I was 25 when I had enough of working for a desk job. It was time when I really wanted to do something that didn’t require me to follow a daily routine and listen to bosses. I resigned from the office, put on a cocktail dress and became a high-profile call girl in Kolkata.

Physically I was prepared to serve the craving clients as I knew how to satisfy their desires, but mentally, a lot was going on in my mind. The escort world in Kolkata intrigued me so much that I was ready to try it out giving up the office job. I love men of elite category and knew exactly how to release their stress and tension, but I was not sure whether it was a good or a bad decision.

I was risking a lot. There was the stigma related that was worrying me the highest. People are going to judge me for what I was going to do. What people are going to perceive me! This never left my imagination, but I was determined about my step. It was about me and didn’t bother to take advise from any neighbour or family members. The step meant taking care of myself physically. I was also concerned, will the step lead to hating men? This was something I really didn’t want to happen. I love their bare skin brushing against my soft skin. It provokes me the most.

My journey till now has been a balanced one. There were criticisms for sure, but it was a petite part and I accepted it gallantly. It has been 6 to 7 years in the business and the clients and the call girl agency in Kolkata has been so much supportive than I had hoped. The best part was listening to the tales of different men. I was spending most of the time in hotel rooms as an independent escort of Kolkata and knowing their stories. Every day there something new to hear, it was just like listening to short stories. Stories of success, failure, motivation, heartbreak, backstabbing and many more. All men were fighting their best in the outside world, but when they booked a Park Street escort like me, they look for peace and calmness. I started to grow a passion towards them and that grew more with the passing of time.

Through the stretch, I found, women are powerful and have the strength to handle men in any situation. I love the job I presently have. I am earning liberally and tackling all kinds of men facing all kinds of situations. All they want is love and care and I feel honoured to provide what they want.