Three Services You Should Be Aware of Before Hiring Call Girls in Kolkata

Monday October 21, 2019 | By admin

Call Girls in Kolkata

As the service is still regarded to be a taboo and not practised publicly, many of you will not know about the services provided by the sensual independent call girls in Kolkata. You might think that when you are booking a call girl, you will just experience raw sex and nothing else. But, this is not the case at all. The girls come packed with various services apart from pure sexual pleasure. The services offered by the girls will leave you surprised and after the first encounter, you will wait to book for the second time and couple of dates later. You will get bored after a couple of tryst if you do the same old thing over and over again. The girls know exactly how to spice up the environment with some unique moves and activities. They will create a diversity in the entire process making you happy and satisfied at the same time. These girls are always up for experimenting to raise the bar in giving you the ultimate pleasure without making you bored. You will get unique and individual service everytime you hire the gorgeous Kolkata call girls.

Now, the point is whether you are ready to book a call girl for the entire night in experimenting with her! The decision is completely yours, but what is the harm in trying something new! You will be witnessing something special and unique for sure. You will be getting the following kinds of service when you hire escorts in Kolkata.

Body to Body: This is a category of massage and is liked by clients a lot. In this service the escort will go on to touch and stimulate all of the erogenous parts of your body to give you’re the ultimate arousal. Next, the girl will rub oil or lotion on her entire body and glide up and down your body giving you a bodily massage.

Oral: You can opt for an oral blowjob without a condom. Through this you will feel the tight lips against your erected penis and this is mesmerising. She will also make sure to lick the tip of your penis that will send shivers down your spine.

Intercourse: All the high profile escorts in Kolkata undergoes regular check up to eliminate any possibility of STDs and HIV. Hence, you can without a doubt opt for intercourse without a condom. This is both erotic in nature and pleasurable.