Let’s Discuss My Journey as a Call Girl in Kolkata

Wednesday June 24, 2020 | By admin

Call Girl in Kolkata

Many of my clients asked me about my career as a call girl. They are eager to know how I came in this professional and become a successful escort in Kolkata. Not only that but also they want to know my lifestyle and my profession details. Well, in this blog, I am telling my journey and how I became an escort.

My name is Khusboo, lived in a small village in Birbhum. In the year 2011, I came to Kolkata for completing my graduate degree. I stayed at a hostel and had to share my room with two of my college friends. At that time one of my friends told me about this occupation and gave me a contact number. I even didn’t have any idea reading this profession. When I first called the agency, I was quite nervous. Not even my boyfriend knows the secret services I offer to my clients.

To keep my professional in secret I use two numbers. One of those for everybody including my friends, family and relatives and another for my clients. For checking out the message and calls I have to get in touch with my personal number always. I cannot tell my family members as I am working as Behala escort at all.

At the first time, I came in this profession just for earning some money and spending my leisure time. But after a few months, I started to love it and became one of the most renowned escorts in Kolkata. Very few of my friends know about the profession.

I had to face a lot of struggle to become a successful escort. The agency helped me a lot by giving mental support. They helped me in different situations and never let me down.

But when a year passed I could finally move out of the hostel and took a new flat for me. I also offer incall services around Kolkata. I was happy to serve my clients when they visit my place for their satisfaction.

You might be wondering how this becomes possible to keep my profession as a secret. It was totally upon me. This work gives me a lot of pleasure that I never got from my boyfriend. At each and every tryst, I become able to learn something new that helps to build my career as a call girl in Kolkata. I never felt that my life is boring. Till now, I never face any client who underestimate my profession. In spite of it, they encourage my spirit and satisfied with the services I offer to them. I am not only thankful to the agency for whom I am working for but also all of my clients a lot.