How to Impress the Call Girls in 5 Economic Ways

Friday January 31, 2020 | By admin

Kolkata Escorts

Impressing call girls on their visit is an ardent gesture of respect and they expect it as well. Never treat the ladies poorly or the tryst may end up incomplete leaving you to crave for good quality sex. There are few simple ways to impress the Kolkata call girls. Following these steps will definitely create a goodwill corner in the heart of the girl. Soft toys, flowers and chocolates have always played its part creating in a positive impression but there are other things too that don’t require money rather need behavioural signals.

Make the Moment Special
You need to make the moment a special one. While gifts will do, you can also think of something unique to make a place in her heart. Lit up the room with candles, preferably scented ones, that will create the mood for a perfect erotic tryst. You can also through some petals on the bed that she will love for sure. A white or light colour bedsheet will be an added feature that the girls will love. The hot escorts love when the bed is ready for the night.

Physical Touch
Hiring independent call girls don’t mean you have to pounce on her right after her arrival. Take time until you both get comfortable. Try interacting and understanding her likes and dislikes. A brief touch is also welcomed to arouse her until it is time for the real show. The brief touches show that you are really interested in her and the encounter is not just limited to having hardcore sex. You really like the girl and respect her. One of the best ways to welcome a high profile call girl is to hug her upon her arrival. This is going to relax and calm you instantaneously along with making the girl comfortable. You can also try rubbing her back while talking that shows you care about her.

Make Her Comfortable
To experience the best sex, consent is very important. You will never feel it if you haste things up. Why not offer a cup of coffee or a glass of juice as a welcome drink. She will be impressed with your friendly gesture and give her everything to satisfy you. Escorts in Kolkata are known to like guys who really care about them.

Dress Up for Her
The best part of this tryst is getting ready for the night. Sweaty clothes and ungroomed body is never appreciated and when it comes to the top class escorts, you are expected to spend some time tidying yourself. Dressing up for the event gives out a positive sign of genuine interest and not just a random thought to kill boredom. Girls like their man to be elegant and tidy and this goes unaltered for the call girls as well.