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Monday October 7, 2019 | By admin

independent call girls

I am an independent call girl working in Kolkata. I am Monalisa working for Call Girls Kolkata for the last couple of years. It has been an exciting journey till now and in this blog I will be sharing my experience with you.

At first let me clear myself, I am a teenager, studying in one of the prestigious colleges in the city. Believe me there was no issues regarding sustaining in the complete new place. I found out that my friends who were staying with their parents got continuous flow of money whereas my pocket money was limited and there was a huge expense to bear.

I never let my father know any my luxurious expenses and this is why I opted for being a call girl. I was introduced to the field by one of my mates who too was working part time as a Kolkata escort. The benefit! I was able to live my life luxuriously without creating any burden over my family. I could go to discotheques, get unending enjoyment at amusement places and booze foreign liquor until it was enough for me. I did my studies and in the free time made sure that I kept myself occupied with serving the clients.

Within a few months I became a pro in service the customers with unique ways of satisfaction. The clients poured in lots and I was meeting new person every night. I love interacting with new people and hence this field has been my heave till now. I also go out with some of the clients to posh restaurants and hotels. Of course all the clients I meet are high profile. They also being me expensive gifts from abroad which I adore.

Getting into the field is perhaps the best decision of my life and I love satisfying my clients. They respect me and never behave rudely. I have even gained some repeaters who likes my bubbly nature. The agency always cross-checks the history of the customers and never entertain anybody who has been labelled red. I wish to continue working in this field for some more year and also encourage teenagers to earn handsome just by dedicating a couple of hours. Within a two or three months, you will be earning more than the packages offered in the nine to five jobs. You are always welcome to join Call Girls Kolkata and live through your pleasurable moments again and again.