Escorts have Their Own Set of Price to be Paid

Monday November 18, 2019 | By admin

Call Girls in KolkataBeing an escort was not what I had initially thought to become as a kid. Yet, with time, my mentality changed and somehow ended up as an escort. Am I happy? Yes. How much happy? I am not sure as I cannot publicly tell about my profession. After some time in the field, I happen to become a high profile call girl in Kolkata and started earning handsomely. Some of my friends and classmates were earning petite at the time when I was making a fortune.

I tend to be open minded which has always helped me to welcome all kinds of clients. My broadmindedness has even supported me to entertain every wish that the clients put forth. For instance, I have received many requests for wearing skin fitting latex dress, behave like a specific animal and even practise sadism.

This is not the end and it extends to emotional bonding as well. The call girls in Kolkata, are trained and practises temporary emotional bonding where we have to behave and feel just like a girlfriend or partner. I have seen men cry on my shoulder because of breakup or loss in the profession and even secretly hold confessions that have never seen the light of the day because of their intensity. So, what exactly it feels to be an escort in Kolkata?

No Commitment: There is no commitment involved in this trade. We give our time, energy and body to the clients who hire us and in return get rewarded through fees. The clients hiring us knows exactly what they are up to who they are hiring. The clients are well-aware that no one among us will ever follow them or fall in love and want a future. All the bonding and relation stays inside the room and persists only for the time hired.

We are Different from Other Kinds of Sex Workers: Depending on the experience and unique feature of providing ultimate satisfaction, all the independent call girls in Kolkata have their own charges that are to be agreed upon before getting laid. We set our own prices and the client has to agree that before booking us. Certain sex workers don’t have any fixed fee and accept anything given by the clients. Without the quoted fees the sex workers are at times are exploited and end up in nothing.

Hence, before hiring Kolkata call girls, be sure to check their properties and feel free to hire me as well to replenish your boring life with pleasure and get back the lost confidence.